The Miracles of Jesus

This lists all the miracles of Christ in order. Miracles of Healing Recipient Matthew Mark Luke John Official’s son 4:46-54 Possessed man 1:21-27 4:33-37 Peter’s in-law 8:14-15 1:29-31 4:38-39 Many at sunset 8:16-17 1:32-39 4:40-41 Leper 8:1-4 1:40-45 5:12-15 Paralytic 9:1-8 2:1-12 5:18-26 Man at Bethesda 5:1-17 Withered hand 12:9-13 3:1-6 6:6-11 Crowd in Galilee … Read more

The Real Miracle of Christmas

A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION? December 25 was observed by ancient pagans for centuries before the birth of Christ to worship the birth of a new sun. For example, Collier’s Encyclopedia identifies Dec. 25 as “the day the Romans celebrated the Mithraic feast of the sun god natalis solis invicti, the birthday of the unconquerable sun.” Placing … Read more

Refutation Of The Roman Catholic Teaching

On Salvation and Justification Roman Catholic theology does not embrace the interpretation of salvation and justification as that presented by Scripture and the Protestant Reformers. The Roman Church does teach that we are justified by grace through faith on account of Christ. What is missing, however, is the word alone. By omitting this word the … Read more

A Positive, Objective View Of The Text Of The Protestant Reformation

To understand the importance of our King James Bible it is important to note the process from which it came. We got our Bible through the providentially preserved process naturally occurring in the doctrines of inspiration and preservation. Revelation Revelation is the content of God’s communication to man i.e. God has spoken! Heb 1:1 God, … Read more


By Evangelist – Mark Brannen PURPOSE: To educate members of the Body of Christ about this cult, so they can effectively share the Gospel of the grace of God with them and bring them to salvation. Glory to God and His precious son The Lord Jesus Christ. WHO ARE THEY ? 1) Founded by Charles … Read more

Genesis And Revelation Comparison Chart

Genesis Revelation 1. Genesis, the book of beginning. 1. Apocalypse, the book of the end. 2. The Earth created (1:1). 2. The Earth passes away (21:1). 3. Satan’s first rebellion. 3. Satan’s final rebellion (20:3,7-10). 4. Sun, Moon, and Stars, for Earth’s government (1:14-16). 4. Sun, Moon, and Stars, connected with Earth’s Judgment (6:13, 8:12, … Read more