Eternal life has always been an issue of faith not of works. Man can be saved eternally based upon his faith in what God tells him to believe. The content of faith can change from one dispensation to the next but the mechanics stay the same. For example: Noah 1. Noah needed to be saved […]


Opening Text: Acts 2:1-20 In this lesson we will learn 3 things: Tongues were for Israel. Tongues were temporary in nature. Tongues would cease upon the completion of the word of God. Introduction: Before we look at the above 3 points let us ask the question “What are tongues?” Some people think that tongue talking […]


One common reason all new bible translators use to justify new translations is the “archaic words.” They claim the archaic words are too difficult to read or understand. The Authorized Version written 400 years ago was understood then and now which make it ageless. The new translations have made the Bible “easier” to read, whereby […]