My name is “Rod Lex Nelson”  aka Rolexon, I maintain this website. The purpose is to publish my friend and former pastor’s ministry that I have preserved.

First I want to give a little history in relation to my association. In 1973 I came to a knowledge and belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that saves me. I started attending a Baptist church afterward and over the coming years would attend many different “Christian churches” because I considered myself non-denominational. I found what made many preachers popular was the fact that they were good story tellers, throwing in some scripture here and there. Among the most common themes would be how great the USA and it’s military is. Or about different types of sins (lying, stealing, etc.). And of course all let me know how happy it makes God when I tithe and in return I would receive 10 fold so I should give a lot.

I owned a business (1982 – 1986) near a restaurant where I frequented for breakfast. I would often see Doug there at a table with a bible open and reading. That is my earliest memory of Doug, later in the 1990’s I attended the Berean Bible Church in which Doug was the pastor. Whenever you see a grace church named Berean it is not a cult:) The name berean comes from the Book of Acts chapter 17 and refers to the Noble Bereans that would not believe what was preached to them without referring to scripture to make sure it is true. That is the basis for Doug’s ministry, he rightly divides the Word of God (2 tim 2:15) and did not preach at you he teaches you only what comes from the preserved Word of God, KJV Bible.

From the 1990’s on I would attend Doug’s teaching on Sundays. I lived out of state during the 90’s so I was not a regular. When I moved back to the area in 2000 I started attending more frequently. A website was maintained by the church then and the messages were recorded in audio only. Transcripts were made and make up the written content on www.dougdoddsbg.com now. In 2003 I bought a video camera for the purpose of preserving what I considered to be a rare opportunity to be taught the Word of God rightly divided. I traveled and lived in the Philippines off and on between 03 & 05. Harry Mellott, Sr. manned the camera in my stead, so special thanks goes to Harry for his work in preserving God’s Word for all our visitors. ( He was a better cameraman then I )

In 2005 I took over the church website at floridagrace.com and in June 2011 I moved Doug’s ministry to dougdoddsbg.com , then moved all to www.savedbygrace.com and here is where I will be adding all of the videos I have eventually. The two previous URLs forward now to savedbygrace.com

I just can’t stress enough my conviction and the importance I feel that this site needs to be distributed across the Internet so that those trapped in religion can have a chance to discover the Word of God rightly divided and what that actually means. I know the power this world has over most people that think they know what is right, that is Satan’s plan and forte is to deceive and he has everyone just where he wants them now.

Remember who the god of this world is. It is not the truth but it is the deceiver. Although Christ died for our sins he has not and will not take rule of this world until the “Body of Christ” (all that have and will except God’s free gift of salvation thru the sacrifice of Christ) is complete, which only God knows.

This world is so intertwined with deceit that it is impossible for anyone to know the truth on his/her own perception as our spiritual awareness is influenced with deception.

Take religion for example and I mean all religion. From Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Restorationism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, ETC… What do all have in common? They have all been created by man, organized from a beginning revelation and changed throughout their history to become more appealing to the current generation. Most individuals in their lifetime at one point or another develop feelings of contriteness and look towards religion for answers. And there are so many, usually a person will fall back on what has mostly influenced them over the years of their life, through family or locally known organizations. And what is the common perception of different religions? Most think all religions are good and lead to salvation. Not true! Religion is hard but the grace of God is easy and sets you free of religion. You may have one chance in life to learn the truth of the grace of God. All the studies on this site are to set you free of religious deception!

What if I was to tell you that joining a religious organization is at best like putting a bandage on your contrite feelings that allows you to kick the can down the road only to come closer to eternity without knowing the truth of God’s grace. Through the deception of the god of this world this is exactly where he wants the masses to remain in a sense of godliness but missing the corner stone of God’s grace!

Do not under estimate the power of this deception that has power over all that live in this world today!

Even if you think you belong to a group that preaches from the Bible and those that call themselves independent that teach Jesus Christ that may even say to let Him into your heart and live your life and do as He would do. This is also a deception of religion designed by the great deceiver.

Jesus Christ the Son of God did not come to us to start a religion or teach us how to live our lives! He came as the predicted Jewish messiah to be the king of the Jews in which all nations would be saved though the nation of Israel and lived His life on this earth for that purpose. Jesus choose 12 apostles and assigned each to one of the 12 tribes of Israel to bring the message that the messiah is at hand and was ready to take Israel to be leader of the world in which all nations would be subject to. None of these 12 were assigned to the gentile nations (Gentiles means all other then Jewish).

But the Jewish nation of Israel rejected Christ and allowed Him to be put to death. Did God reject Israel at that time? NO, even after Christ’s crucifixion God sent many to proclaim that it was not too late to accept Christ as their messiah. But they rejected all until about a year later at the stoning of Stephen was the last rejection and God then put the promises He made to Abraham on hold. And so for what the Jewish nation of Israel refused, God’s mystery plan of salvation would be revealed to all nations. To do this He choose the chief of sinners Saul of Tarsus that was currently persecuting Christ’s followers (Acts 9).

After the conversion of Saul of Tarsus he becomes the Apostle Paul and the books in the bible Romans thru Philemon are the books written by the Apostle Paul. Many of these books Paul wrote proclaim that he is the Apostle of the gentiles. That means he is the Apostle of everyone that is alive today.

The Apostle Paul is YOUR Apostle, not one of the 12 that were assigned to the 12 tribes of Israel like many religions teach. Our Apostle Paul teaches us the mystery of the grace of God that was hidden until it was revealed though Paul according to God’s plan. Jesus changed the chief of sinners that was persecuting Him to be the Apostle of the mystery message (kept secret especially from Satan) about the grace of God though the sacrifice of Christ that takes away the sins of the world.

Does being in a religious organization condemn you? NO! But it is more important to learn from God’s word than a person or group. Any teaching that adds or takes away from having faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ that takes away your sins and seals you the body of Christ may compromise your faith. e.g., baptism, what you eat, conditions to follow to prove your faith. Doing good can make you a better person and show your love for God but it is not a requirement for salvation. We should live in a way that pleases God in thanks for being saved by grace.

The truth is that your faith in Christ is what is all important. Nothing we do can do will gain favor in God’s eyes that will allow him to know or remember you or me after our life is over. It is the faith of Christ in God the Father that secures us in the “body of Christ” and saves us by grace. Our individual choice is to accept Christ or reject Christ’s sacrifice for us.

So it is not the organization it is the individuals faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that takes away the sins of the world. This is the mystery as revealed by our Apostle Paul. Read Romans though Philemon as these is the gospel written to us. Most of the bible is written to Israel and is about living by the law and how God blessed or cursed the nation according to how followed the prophets of God.

The old testament is written to Israel. The four gospels can be looked at as the conclusion of the old testament. The book of acts is a transition from law to grace. The books Romans to Philemon are written to us by our Apostle Paul who brings God’s message of grace to the age we live in today.


If you are not fortunate enough to live near a church or group that teaches the Word of God rightly divided then this website is for you and that is the meaning of it’s existence.

About – Doug Dodd

Doug Dodd is now in the presents of Jesus Christ since 2006. He is not with us physically, but I hope you will enjoy his spirit through his ministry here. His wish and mine is that you allow the Lord Jesus Christ to live through you and grow in your Christian life through sound scriptural teaching.


I have 100s of audios and videos of all his Sunday messages that I will be adding at some time. All the text messages on this site are by Doug unless indicated differently.


Hope everyone rejoices in breaking the bonds of religion and denominationalism as thousands of us already have.


The Age of Grace is coming to a close soon! If you’re not sure if you’re ready for the coming change, use the Salvation link at the top of any page and discover and trust in what Jesus Christ has already finished for you.

Rod Lex Nelson –