Romans 1-5 = Justification by faith
Romans 6-8 = Living under grace
Romans 9-11 = What happened to Israel?
Romans 12-16 = Practical Instruction



  1. Paul’s apostleship – 1:1-7. Distinction from the 12. Resurrection according to my gospel. The called. ROM 1:1-7; 2Tim.2:8; 1Cor.15:3,4; 1Cor.9:1-2
  2. Condemnation of human evil. 1:18-20. The first detail of the gospel of grace is the “wrath of God.” God gives up mankind to themselves. Satan’s lie.
  3. Condemnation of human good. 2:1-16. God’s justice, how it works. The judgements of God. Perfection the standard of righteousness.
  4. The Jew. 2:17-24. The failure of circumcision and the law. Faith comes from within not from without.
  5. The Jewish advantage in time past. 3:1-9. No advantage in unbelief. Man’s questions and God’s righteous answers.
  6. The condemnation of the law. 3:10-20. The law teaches the Jew and Gentile their guilt before God.
  7. But Now. 3:21. The dispensational schedule. Eph.2:11,7,13. Different gospels in time past. Climax of God’s redemptive purpose revealed.
  8. From faith to faith. 3:22-24. God’s righteousness revealed. Unlimited atonement with limited application by faith.
  9. Redemption – 3:24-25. Our kinsman redeemer. “In Christ” a redemptive term.
  10. Now His righteousness revealed – 3:25-31. Law of faith; by faith – through faith – we establish the law.
  11. Justifying faith illustrated – 4:1-8. Faith is not a work, Abraham. David under the law.
  12. Abraham’s dual fatherhood – 4:9-17. Our inclusion into the household of God planned by God in the way Abraham was justified; apart from the law. The righteousness of faith is perfection.
  13. Saving faith dissected – 4:18-25. Abraham the example
  14. The eternal security of the believer – 4:25-5:2. Our receipt in heaven.
  15. Problems – 5:3-11. God’s positive dealings with problems. What God started He is able to finish Phil. 1:6 much more by the atonement! 2Cor.4:14-18
  16. The second Adam – 5:12-21. Death in one, life in another.

The Second Foundation – Living Under Grace – Romans 6-8

  1. Grace not a license – 6:1-14. Dead to sin vs. Alive unto God. First question answered in v.12-14.
  1. Grace the motivation – 6:15-23. Second question answered in 16-23.
  1. Dead to the law – 7:1-14. Married to another. The law did it’s work in the flesh.
  1. Combat – 7:15-25. Operate under grace. Issue of a saved man talking. Flesh vs. Transformed mind. Problem = put off. Solution = put on.
  1. The five laws – 7:23-8:2.
    • Law of sin v.23
    • Law of the mind v.23
    • Law of God v.22
    • Law of sin and death v.2
    • Law of the spirit of life in Christ v.2
  1. Condemnation not damnation – 8:1. Leave it in.
  1. Dead to the flesh – 8:1-13. Victory over sin comes through the spirit of Christ. Carnal mind vs. Spiritual mind.
  1. Ruling, reigning and suffering with Christ – 8:14-25.
  1. Our helper – 8:26-27. Our divine adjuster & prayer today.
  1. God’s purpose in us – 8:28-30. Being conformed to Christ.
  • Called
  • Foreknow
  • Predestinate
  • Justified
  • Glorified
  1. More than conquerors – 8:31-39. Present suffering part of our victory program. Victory accomplished. Victory and fruit bearing.

The Third Foundation – What Happened To Israel? Romans 9-11

  1. What happened to Israel? 9:1-5. The former agency of prophetic election. Paul’s sorrow.
  2. God’s election on trial – 9:6-13. His word was not at fault.
  3. God’s fairness on trial – 9:14-18.His righteousness not at fault. Two part answer.
    • God’s mercy – Moses – 15-16 – God is longsuffering.
    • God’s purpose – Pharaoh – 17-18 – Purpose before the promise
  1. Back in the kiln – 9:19-33. The reshaping of Israel. Israel stumbles and the little flock, remnant gets the blessing.
  2. The righteousness of faith – 10:1-21. The issue is the hearing and the heart.
  3. Israel’s future restoration – 11:1-6. The election will obtain it.
  4. National blindness – 11:7-14.
  5. Horticulture – 11:15-25. Branches, roots and wild olive trees.
  6. But now the Jew is saved as the Gentile – 11:24-36 (Acts 15:11).
    • All concluded in unbelief
    • National salvation promised to Israel in the future
    • Israel now saved as the Gentile, by grace through faith

The Fourth Foundation – Practical Instructions – Romans 12-16

  1. Our relationship to God in worship – 12:1-3. Transformation living dead men. The measuring stick of faith.
  2. Our proper relationship with one another – 12:4-21. Body truth first revealed. Gift to each other. The issue of gifts diminishing; Rom.12, 1Cor.12, Eph.4.
  3. Our proper relationship with the unsaved – 12:17-21. Gifts to the unsaved.
  4. Our proper relationship to the government – 13:1-7. Divine rules for the establishment of the human race.
  5. Our proper relationship with society – 13:8-14.
  6. Our proper relationship with the weaker and stronger brother – 14:1-23.

    • Edification the standard.
    • Personal best; the bema seat.
    • Conscience of the weaker brother.
  1. Renewed minds viewpoint – 15:1-7. The rule of edification, have the mind of Christ. OT for admonition. OT illustrations.
  1. Ministry of Christ and the twelve – 15:8-12.
    • Ministry of Jesus Christ to the circumcision.
    • Israel the former agency to the gentiles (wall up / wall down).
    • Salvation of Israel yet future.
  1. Ministry of Paul – 15:8-12.
    • The present agency the Body of Christ (BOC).
    • Paul’s apostolic authority verified.
    • Paul the distributor of the grace of God directly to the Jews and Gentiles.
    • Paul’s plans & roadmap.
    • The poor saints at Jerusalem.
  1. The doctrine of separation – 16:1-20.
    • Churches of Christ, plural and local.
    • Guard the foundation.
    • Mark those who would remove the foundation.
    • To follow Paul in this age is to follow Christ.
  1. The obedience of faith – 16:21-27.
    • Sinking your roots in the foundation laid.
    • Building a house of doctrine. 1Cor.3:9-12
    • Under grace. C.F. Galatians.
    • Paul’s design of edification.

My gospel.

The preaching of Jesus Christ according to the mystery.

The scriptures of the prophets.

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